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Mythology, Shape Shifters, Fairies/Angels, Magnetic Universe

In one of the first videos I put up on YouTube, I mentioned seeing these tiny beings wearing disguises or even no clothes at all. Yep, I said that, and four years later, I got the confirmation I needed that indeed what I was seeing back then were fairies blending in with their surroundings. Please note: I'm still unsure who is who in my yard, in the sky, or swirling around but each one steps through the veil. Angels are pure spirits, ethereal, but can change shape in order to interact with us. In my novel, "The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose" I encountered an Angel in my room once along with several others who had passed away. Another time, I was standing on a platform waiting for someone to arrive during a regular work morning when a strange man appeared. My third eye sensed he was out of place, out of time, and only decades later did it sink in why he was there at that specific moment in time. Faries are supernatural beings known to interact with humans as well. See the dilemma? Angels are mentioned in the Bible while fairies, nature spirits, can be traced back to Greek mythology. "Another assertion is that fairies are from the ‘lower end’ of the angelic ranks and they have come to watch over us."

And when I came across Dr. Bruce Branchini replicating a firefly's chemistry in a lab using a charged particle superoxide, voila! Because he uses a magnet and microwaves! And there was this one time I came downstairs late at night to see my microwave door open, and it's running on its own, the circular tray is spinning. A clue from across the veil just like bioluminescence, phosphorous mentioned in a previous blog. Microwaves, magnetics, luciferin, bioluminescence, phosphorus. Sorry, that's a mouthful I know.

Superoxide ion (O2−) has one unpaired electron and therefore is paramagnetic.

Paramagnetic - Paranormal

Para definition: beside, near, by.

I suppose that doesn't matter when we die as we no longer have a body and become ethereal balls of light. But what about magnetics and shapeshifting? Ghost orbs pass through walls. Fairies can dive right into the earth. Angels, well, you get the idea. Could shapeshifters in the past be due to the bending/manipulation of magnetics? "Robot made of magnetic slime could grab objects inside your body." Or is any myth, legends, tales of shapeshifters just ghostly apparitions? Immortals versus mortals. "Modern-day movies and shows often depict the process of shapeshifting to be a quick, seemingly elegant transition, done in a manner of minutes, even seconds. Unfortunately, this is not remotely accurate. Shapeshifting so rapidly would be excruciatingly painful, to the point where most people would die in the process, due to shock."

Shapeshifters in mythology were gods and immortal. Mortals who were changed were done so by the gods and were unable to change back to human form. Magical abilities we humans do not possess. In the fairy realm, there's magic and so much more. And it's a lot to think about, I know, but more and more we are getting closer to science and paranormal matching up and it's exciting. Plus we have to thank our visitors from the beyond for sharing information and I hope I get lucky a few more times now that fairy season is kicking off here in Northern New Jersey. And without further ado... My Pixie photos.

3/21/2022 - 3/22/2022


INFRARED: On the electromagnetic spectrum, the wavelength with the longest visible light is red light. Infrared operates at a frequency just below red light. This means we are technically unable to view infrared because it is invisible to the human eye. Examples of infrared rays include burning charcoal as well as the warmth we feel from an electric heater. Another example is the infrared technology we use in our cordless hairdryer. Infrared technology provides a powerful, healthy, and efficient drying system as it operates by drying strands from the inside out. Although we can’t see infrared radiation, we are able to feel it as heat. While the word “radiation” may often conjure up images of damage to the body, not all types of radiation are actually bad for us. Scientific studies indicate infrared has the opposite impact and possesses the capacity for extensive healing.

April 15, 2022 photo, not as clear though.


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