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A Poem...

She gave you her written words

She saw you in her dreams

She then gave you her soul

Thousand miles across the sea.

She gave it her all

She gave it her best

She never stopped to rest

But was it all just one big test?

She wrote you a book

She asked for a miracle or two

She just wanted you to know

That she will always love you.

Spinning through the wheels

Throughout the dawn of time

You’re just a prisoner in a cage

And by who or what failed design?

He wrote her many songs

He has one song left in his book

He carries around such regret

That he didn't marry for looks.

He had all the glory

He played the game

He has locked himself away Now, he hangs his head in shame.

Spinning through the wheels Throughout the dawn of time

One final song with tears to follow

I guess I'll see you on the other side.

Unless you bravely change your mind...

Unless you break your ties...

Unless you can open your eyes...

Unless you are ready to fight...

I am considering writing Part Two, a follow-up to my first book...

"The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose"


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