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Gina Maria Colvin Hill - Part 4 Baphomet/Lilith/Deceiver EXPLOSIVE NEW SCANDAL!

(** UPDATE: Explosive new SCANDAL at the very end! **)

Gina Maria Colvin Hill is Satanic! She lied about her four-year mission and the three alien beings that beamed down in a light, one of whom took over her body. Her four-year mission ended, yet she never quit, as she repeatedly told viewers she would. Fast forward; she has now teamed up with two other people: TRE57 Productions and Justice Mazur. Meanwhile, Gina is throwing up those Satanic hand symbols, plus the sex-sells part is still going strong. Now, Gina is copying other channels, such as The Leak Project, just to keep her channel going, continually buying subscribers thousands at a time. The desperation for attention is even stronger.

Gina is Lilith, the deceiver, but I must admit that it's difficult to tell if these two new players in her game are just riding Gina's coat trails. Who is using whom? Because it was Gina who got in her car and drove to surprise TRE57. His viewership went up from the first time she mentioned his name, too. Meanwhile, Justice Mazur is suddenly living on Gina's property in her shed and

has been gifting Gina since the summer of 2023 or maybe even longer, such as 2018, in return for lodging.

Most recently, Justice Mazur left Gina's place in Indiana and went on a road trip to Michigan. She shared a shocking video of her bathing with her cat wearing no bottoms! At first, Justice was using TRE57's channel for videos until recently, as she now has her own.

Mind you, Justice Mazur is not her real name; she also goes by Nuirka. Meanwhile, TRE57 on his channel shouldn't be showing guns, plus he has a direct link to give him cash, just like Gina's channel where if you want perks, you gotta pay up.

All three want fame and viewers, hence the copycat-type videos on YouTube, and if that was not the other two's intention to be a Gina clone, then to heck with gaining popularity, it's not worth selling one's soul. This isn't a battle for likes, clicks, oh look at me.

This is a battle between GOOD and Evil. ANGELS versus DEMONS!

And thank goodness for a Facebook group called Gina Maria Colvin Hill's /BLOCKED PARTY !!!!!!

I owe all the credit to people in the group who have dedicated hours upon hours exposing her lies. So please check that group out; it's growing every day.

Gina is just one big MAJOR distraction.

Just like Project Bluebeam.

It is literally a game of throwing whatever at the wall and seeing what sticks! Dancing, cooking, cat videos, Planet X, shopping, fixing cars, trips, sun simulator, exercising, more dancing wearing tight clothing, doom, gloom, hope, faith, vibrational shift, Annunaki, Vrill, back to doom and gloom, alien invasion, fake UFO photos which are blurry insects, stars shoot lasers, be prepared (for what?), getting called out on predictions, then moving dates, pray, and so on. A round and round, we go all just for clicks. All just for the money. The devil is laughing, and laughing hard, and thanks you for your hard-earned cash.

UPDATE: 1/23/2023: If things cannot get any crazier! There is a rift amongst the trio!

Justice Mazur's video about assault and sexual abuse is about Gina! Gina kissed Justice on the lips and touched her without her permission! Some speculate that Justice Mazur was on the porch the night Gina claims three aliens beamed down!

But will Gina do a video praying to banish her lesbian side like when she prayed the gay out of her husband? All while wearing her tight white pants because, after all, she's always so innocent. NOPE! Gina always plays the victim! Twisting her words all the time, messing with people's heads, nothing but lies over and over. A forked tongue! OOhhh! It looks like Gina deleted any videos of Justice on her channel, wiping it clean and hiding her tracks!

Gina Maria Colvin Hill is 100% a Demonic Soul.

Check out Justice Mazur's community posts about Gina.

But good luck reporting Gina's YouTube page! And all Justice did was ruffle feathers instead.

Gina's running a cult, and her cult members will immediately and always come to her defense. The attacks on Justice are brutal.

P.S. Goodness only knows what bizarre item Gina has here. That is totally not normal.

Nope, not normal at all. It looks EVIL.


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