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Black Holes, Dark Matter, Multidimensional, Spirits & Orbs

The fractal nature of reality. Within the macro world, we see our perception of reality—the food chain and environment and the complex interactions it creates. Moe, Gnostic Warrior, has written countless blogs on this. And in my prior blog, within the cell picture, you see the same interactions at a smaller than microscopic level and acting much faster.

The same is true at the galactic level, and it's reasonable to assume at the universe level.

For all the exploration of space, we still don't know what it is doing. Maybe it's working on timescales that make it impossible to decode and would be like determining all of life from a photograph.

Could the existence of dark matter, great attractors, and other structures have the potential to be universal-level equivalents of cell structures or social interactions? I suspect there is something to be said about how Intelligence isn't limited to humans. Even in humans, external boundaries, stimuli, and the need to live governs human decisions.

Are we free thinkers, or do we just perceive that in our position within the larger group of fractal life? Seeing the universe at 14 billion light years, the galaxy at a few hundred, and the solar systems at tens of light years?

The world at 8,000 Miles, cells at microns, And elements at the border of the quantum world. All of these size dimensions have their own rules that govern them, different aspects that are important in how time, gravity, and space play a role. But they are all orb shaped. This exploration has only been in 3rd dimensions; however, through those of size, which appears how to impact how time is perceived. Our minds are always stuck on three dimensions as the aspects of life we see daily. Maybe orbs are not so limited and are just the edges of dimensions touching the edge of the 3rd dimensions we experience. The potential for them to be lenses to entire worlds, galaxies, universes, or just another realm where none of them exists, and there is the capability of moving truly in 4th dimensions. Or they could be projected less to other realities either by design or by accident. Or they could be from a spiritual realm where their rules govern them differently but transcending in size. Size and time may be different. We see them as a tiny dot and a quick flicker which for them may be a lifetime. Or on their end, they're larger, or the perception of size can be different. Maybe even our view of 3D forces us to see orbs as individual items but can't see the connected nature, just as the cell picture is contained to us but looks just like a city where everything is individual but connected.

Take a black hole, the most extreme portion of physics, which appears to have an orb-shaped event horizon. However, mathematically, the actual shape of a black hole could be anything - but only if the universe has more than three dimensions and 1-time dimension. ?? In this case, the outer visible portion would be circular. Still, the inside concealed from view could be anything. This is what we often see in orbs. The outer ring is circular but within the order contains many different complex shapes within - if this follows the same rules as black holes, then this would indeed show higher dimensions are required and do exist for orbs. Some form of dimensional physics could then expose orbs within a structure that is not constrained by 3-dimensions of size and one dimension of time. Instead, they could be a multi-dimensional painted onto a 3-dimensional world, the same as a line that looks like a point from the end, or a square is just one side of a cube. An orb or maybe even a series of orbs could be the visible portion of a multi-dimensional structure – like an octopus sticking the ends of its tentacles out of the water.

In Summary, life and time are governed by size. But what if time and life are not constrained by 3-dimensions?


Courtesy of Gnostic Warrior, Moe, for his brilliant blog and for showing us the similarities of the following.



I remember my dreams in such detail and am confident I'm elsewhere.




These photos were taken above my house on 6/15/2019.

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