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What are Orbs?

There is a lot of controversy regarding orbs, and since I am not one to shy away from controversy, here I am.


Orbs contain a spirit’s energy. Some orbs may have one soul, while others several. Think of sitting on an airplane with window seats. Souls can peer out at us. Or think of rolling down a hill in a tire. They are safely protected; they cannot feel cold nor rain and can pass through walls and even pass through our bodies, as I witnessed a few times. Orbs can pop into our world within a split second. So at any given time, we may have a visitor, which I often hope is not while showering! :)  

Orbs can be captured on camera, especially by security systems utilizing infrared. Sunlight also contains the infrared spectrum, hence some of my photos. Some people see orbs quite often: “Generally if someone has an orb or multiple orbs that “hang around”, they are often more of a spiritual person, and may experience other paranormal phenomena, although this is not always the case.”


But I will admit I am far from an expert, so let me introduce you to to an amazing woman named Merlina Marcan, who has done extensive research into the orb phenomena and has a book on Amazon. When I listen to her talk, I want to give her a virtual hug.


What are Angel Orbs?

Angel orbs are very bright white, emitting higher love and light, and are what I had the pleasure of encountering. I’ve glimpsed their true forms despite retaining the same small size and have been visited by angels in other ways, like so many others. For a website that explains angel orbs in more detail, visit:


​A Quick FYI

These loving kind celestial beings know we are human. We make mistakes, we cuss, we get upset, we cry, we anger, and we fall ill.  It's the very dark souls they are monitoring, while equally protecting those of the light. And they are also helping humanity in ways difficult to put into words.


In short:

They are hope.

They are love.

They are a beacon of light in dark times.

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