The Phoenix, The Tiger, and the Rose


In the summer of 1982, a teenage girl named Veronica began having recurring dreams of a strange man. A man she’s never known in her waking life, but it feels as if they’ve always known one another. A deep friendship begins, which blossoms into a long-term love affair in her sleeping world. Several months after the dreams started, it stuns her to see his face on a record sleeve.


Alan Runner, the lead singer of a famous British pop band that had become a worldwide sensation, and the chances of getting to meet him outside the dream world were nearly impossible. Accompanying the dreams are coincidences and indications in his lyrics that he is dreaming of her too.


But not all dreams become happily ever after. Life isn’t a fairytale, and this is a story about soulmates trying to find one another despite impossible odds and the cruel universe that continues to keep them apart.

Children's fantasy story - TBA

A children's fantasy story, unsure if it'll be two parts.

18,000 words and going strong.

26,000 words as of 3/15/2022.

30,000 words as of 4/1/2022 (real-life issues slowed me down.)

36,000 words as of 5/7/2022 (starting the last chapter of book 1 of 2)

40,000 words as of 5/20/2022 (the last chapter, it's a wild one)

Book 1 Finished, Editing begins 6/9/2022

Editing is almost done, yay! (7/31/2022)

BOOK ONE DONE!! 8/18/2022

Book 2 Started! Yay! 10/13/2022 (Yep, took the summer off a bit.)