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Fallen Angels, No, Please Let Me Explain

I recently put up a video on YouTube despite knowing it’ll go nowhere. A video that took me a long time to piece together as I wanted to make sure I covered other beliefs, cultures, and history from around the world. My channel is for everyone, and I try to keep that in mind the best I can. Equally, this puts me in a bad spot because I’m not overly one way or the other. Anyway, in this blog, I’d like to state for the record that what I see are not the fallen angels. And yes, I get the whole Lucifer deception argument. I do and I respect how this all must come across. First off, if any evil came here disguised as good, I’d sense it. Secondly, I’m a lion of a mom and would do whatever it takes to get rid of them and protect my family. Thirdly, if they are fallen angels then we are f _ _ _ ed because there are thousands upon thousands of them. A force we cannot fight against and will have to wait it out till the end.

Evil spirits would also wreak havoc in our lives, things breaking, accidents, poor health, just to name a few. They would not be healing me or lending calming energy. They’d make our lives miserable, which is not the case. We are a happy, loving, laughing kind of family. And gosh, do we laugh lots. I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned in a video how I think the angels sit on my roof because it’s better than a comedy show? Because sometimes it is the silly stuff I do, which again gets us laughing hysterically.

I know I cannot ask anyone to trust me on this, but these are bright, beautiful ethereal spirits who mean us no harm. And more and more people around the world are seeing them. So please glance at my video. Yes, sometimes they look scary, so I included a bit on that. Angels are not the cute cherubs we see on a Hallmark card.

These angels mean business and now that the cooler weather will move in, they already were on my roof every so watchful. They’re still protecting us and again I cannot say why, only that I have my suspicions. I often wonder if they’re shielded me my whole life because of my abilities and not wanting to be tossed into a lab like El in Stranger Things, haha.

Anyway, over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to so many people, including a pastor, rabbi, minister, and other spiritually helpful kind souls. I’d like to thank each one of you out there for your time and valuable insight. And to those who’ve reached out to me via email. In my usual fashion, I’m sitting on lots more video footage, but I need to train myself to make them shorter for TikTok.

It’s almost like I can’t help myself. But how can I not?

It just never ceases to amaze me and I am really excited and happy that so many others now see them in the sky.


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