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Unexpected Channeling Session

I've been meaning to share this unique experience, but like usual there's just never enough time in the day. I am wearing multiple hats, so to speak. I love to write and want to get my second book moving along at a faster pace than a snail. But it's also "fairy season" and that's when the ethereal entities in the sky come down and swirl around and who doesn't want to miss that? I mean, how can I stay away and not sit there in awe with my camera in my hand. And yes, they're back hovering near those same pine trees. In our backyard, they are in two different areas, early in the day by our gate. Later in the afternoon, they are alongside our shed and the line of arborvitaes.

Normally I’m stationed in the yard (when time permits) but on May third, a friend of mine stopped by. So she and I hung out near the curb facing my house, watching my husband replant a small Japanese Maple tree, chatting away. It was six in the evening. The sun was going down, and I noticed fairies swirling a foot away, where our driveway meets the sidewalk. A short while later, I glanced towards my left to see an even larger swirl of fairies near the curb in front of my neighbor’s house. As if they moved their base of operations to monitor me. Few cars drive by and if one did, they’d vanish in a heartbeat. Ever since that day, I can’t stop thinking about it because of what occurred on April fifteenth, which began as every other day until later that afternoon when I felt off. Almost as if I was coming down with something, which I thought I was, spring allergies. Or perhaps worn out by doing that video on swirlons, magnetics, the afterlife, etcetera.

I felt slightly disorientated, dizzy, and that's when I started consciously channeling. An experience that's difficult to put into words. I was half here, half elsewhere, almost as if I was lucid dreaming. I stayed mostly seated, other than being interrupted and doing quick household chores, but continued typing information that flowed in from a higher power. My hands were typing but yet not my hands.

It felt as if hours had gone by. And once the channeling session ended, I read what I had written. But I've yet to share that information and may do so in a YouTube video. Now, this isn't my first time receiving information, I've been shown quite a lot throughout the years, such as how time is not linear. Once I was taken to a planet and saw time backward, forward, and all at the same time. A loop, so to speak. I've been to other planets in dreams aplenty, even swimming with creatures any sci-fi writer would love to replicate. And when someone recently asked me on my YouTube channel if I believe in aliens, my answer was yes. Our universe is vast and full of wonder.

After my parents passed away, otherworldly entities visited me, occurring before the orbs appeared. I saw their souls going deep down under the earth. Layers upon layers deep into the crust and entered a glowing chamber, orange to amber as if lit by flames. Inside this chamber were large clear quartz crystals. These crystals act as a generator. A soul passes through the crystal and gets sent to a new body, a fetus. Both my parents are not only reborn, but I also saw their lives from birth to later in life. Long happy lives, but nowhere near New Jersey. My parents are in the Midwest in different states. Now whether or not this is accurate, or whether or not one believes in reincarnation, I’m just sharing my experiences, which I have also done in my book (The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose).

Anyway, getting back to that channeling session and why I can’t stop thinking about it because I’ve also been having dreams about a portion of what I was told. Dreams that feel so real, so vivid and I used to think I’m like everyone else but the truth is I’m not. I’m an oddball, LOL. I’m not the PTO mom, I’m not the mom at the gym, or who has it all together. I’m the mom who loses her patience way too many times along with the car keys and cell phone. I’m the mom who’s cried over spilled milk and isn’t popular at all. Still feeling like an outsider as I did when I was younger because I still have one foot here and one foot elsewhere. As I have since I was younger. I know I’m not the only person who feels this way, so waving hi to all of you. One thing for certain is that I’ve been reborn countless times, hence my book. I remember things I should not and lately remembering bits of what that channeling session revealed. In short, my oddball life wasn’t just by accident and neither is yours (to those that can relate, all you old souls out there). Something to not be ashamed of, so stand tall and remember to “Keep Calm and Angel On”. (I so want to make t-shirts up with that slogan now, ha.)


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