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She Blinded Me With Science (Phosphorous)

I've been reading two blogs lately. One is extremely dark, but in order to understand how we got to this point, it's the dark we have to wander into. Well, for those who have the stomach for it, as it's the stuff of nightmares. The other blog decodes lots of what we see on TV and movies called "Upon The Face Of The Waters". And reminds me of Jordan Maxwell a bit, one of the greats. Maxwell and his stacks and stacks of books, decoding words. (Update, sadly Jordan passed away, for all that he has been through, he surely has a place among the angels.)

Anyway, there is a third blog that I neglected to mention which I've not visited in quite some time by a gentleman named Moe. The most recent GnosticWarrior series of blogs is about the creation of life, humans, dust, mud. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." "The circle of life." Around and around and around we go. Nothing dies and I still stand by my firm belief in reincarnation. It's his website that helped me tremendously when I began this journey of Orb watching, particularly the one on spirits in the air which confirms that souls are all around us.

Correction, Moe has more than one blog mentioning spirits in the air but here's a recap of one.

Over the past few years, I've seen people worried about germs, catching Covid while I'm the one standing there thinking "my goodness if you only knew you're breathing in souls, the dead." That would surely freak some out. And Moe's been telling us our air is filled with lots of goodies and baddies affecting our personalities, demons, heroes, and so much more. (Side note: Fungi and Covid, I've said this to a few people around me and have recommended Artemisinin and biofilm busters.) I swear Moe is brilliant but it's the mention of phosphorous that has me jumping in my seat, which is something Crystal Tyme mentions a lot. And how we get out of the labyrinth, escaping our reincarnation cycle. Because one thing for certain is that there are thousands upon thousands of souls here. (Trapped or not, unknown, while others wonder if heaven is all around us as if it's right in front of us, or we go back to the source, creator, God, and then come back.)

Back in mid-December, I emailed Crystal about what the Angels told me: Bioluminescence. And in the movie, "Avatar" they have a tree of life with soul transfers and of course bioluminescence! The Tree of Souls is a giant willow tree that is said to be the closest connection to Eywa on Pandora.

This goes back to that channeling session I had where I mentioned the movie "The Abyss", bioluminescence, and a lot of my lens anomaly photos such as this one taken on February 15, 2022, in my hallway. The other photos are older.

Sky, daytime.

Hallway again.

Infrared camera. Shape matching above object and below that resembles a "T".

Sky, daytime.

Sky photo too, but this reflected on my neighbor's chimney.

Crystal told me about FoxFire Fungi.

Moe too tells us about Fungi.

"Everything goes back to the mushroom (Alice in Wonderland)! DMT in the brain." I held onto that email and now I understand why. And how wild is it that FoxFire Fungi is called "fairy fire"? The Fairies in my yard are the Angels who are swirling around as Orbs. Multiple forms, shapeshifting, and it ties into phosphorous and Luciferin. It's what sets them apart at night on infrared, daytime they sparkle like diamonds in the sky. ("Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" The Beatles.)

I find this photo extremely interesting because it reminds me of an Orb. This cannot be all a coincidence. I stopped believing in coincidences long ago, if you read my book (The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose), you'll understand why.

Infrared Night Orb / Apparition (1/1/2022)

October 6, 2021, daytime Orb photo (darkened).

The light remains, our spark. We are the shapeshifters, ethereal beings, after crossing the veil. From an article in March 2021, "Beauty quarks or B mesons particles are not decaying as they should and while the findings may warrant “cautious excitement”, more research needs to be done, scientists say." I mention quarks in a prior blog here.

God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

In a prior YouTube/Bitchute video I mention the spark at the time of creation which scientists observed. Chemical, yes, a soul entering cannot be proven. But shape-matching, an Orb matches ovum while I've seen them swim in the air with tails. In older videos, I mention how they remind me of fish. They do this in fairy-form as well and follow the pattern of a school of fish, Swirlons.

In Moe's blog "The Secret Science of Humans Created from Clay (Dust)" He writes, "We are part of the dust. To put it more accurately, we are the offspring of the organisms within the dust." How many times have photos of Orbs been debunked as dust? I rest my case because they also exist in water, in freezing temperatures, pass through walls, and so on. Rules do not apply, which is hard trying to tie this all into science.

In summary, Orbs are balls of light, we are the light, we go through the phases like the moon.

Birth, life, death, decay.

In our human bodies, our shells, we are not supernatural, not until we pass but that "Christ light" always remains. And I still believe the only way out is death, this puts me at odds with those promoting instant ascension to 5D or those who promote spaceships and aliens who will save us any minute. Nope, sorry, but Angels are here to help guide us, to lend strength when we so badly need it. As to why we can see these beings of light easily now, that too is still a mystery tying it into science other than following scripture, prophecy. So, I'll keep working to understand the phenomenon that's occurring here using observation mixed in with the knowledge others share and I like to personally thank Moe for his amazing insight.


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