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Swirlons, Quarks/Muons, New Physic Discoveries, Magnetics/Angrycatfish Briggs, etc.

Swirlons, Quarks/Muons, New Physic Discoveries, Magnetics/Angrycatfish Briggs is a mouth-full I know. But the bigger question is what does any of this have to do with angels and souls?

Plenty because perhaps scientists are getting closer to understanding our universe/God, and what some call the "God Particle". Although I do have to chuckle thinking that CERN may want to send some scientists over to my backyard since there's a whole lot going on.

"Evidence of new physics at CERN? Why we're cautiously optimistic about our new findings." What then, could this mean for the future of fundamental physics? If what we are seeing is really the harbinger of some new fundamental particles then it will finally be the breakthrough that physicists have been yearning for decades. We will have finally seen a part of the larger picture that lies beyond the standard model, which ultimately could allow us to unravel any number of established mysteries. These include the nature of the invisible dark matter that fills the universe or the nature of the Higgs boson. It could even help theorists unify the fundamental particles and forces. Or, perhaps best of all, it could be pointing at something we have never even considered.

So, should we be excited? Yes, results like this don't come around very often, the hunt is definitely on. But we should be cautious and humble too; extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Only time and hard work will tell if we have finally seen the first glimmer of what lies beyond our current understanding of particle physics. "

You can read the full article here.

And there is now something called Swirlons.

"Swirlons, a new kind of matter that bends the laws of physics", which could explain the way orbs move in unison as they do in fairy mode. "They just move with a constant velocity, which is absolutely surprising," Brilliantov said. Yes, that's what I've witnessed countless times over. And again, perhaps it's time for scientists to start paying extra attention to paranormal activity because the angels and souls want us to know, they want us to piece it all together. OMNIPRESENCE at its finest.

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Mary Ann Bittle
Mary Ann Bittle
Oct 21, 2021

Just to let you know that the link you provided isn't the original article on the subject. The original article is here:

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