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Soul Orbs Mistaken Identity (UFOs)

In June 2021, I made this video, and occasionally I still come across posts such as this one from Facebook showing exactly what I see. But the assumption is that they are the UFO kind which is understandable because of the similarities.

April 9, 20222 post.

Screenshot from my video - you can see this is an Angel Orb.

As for the tether space video mentioned, that's intriguing because it's either space debris, ice crystals, as some suggested, or Angel/Soul orbs because, again, the similarities are there. They also resemble Dropa Stones. Thanks to Roy for pointing this out to me via email. Spirit orbs are not affected by weather or atmosphere and can easily pass through solid matter, so Outerspace isn't an issue.

My enhancement of that orb from that video.

Dropa Stones

Astronaut John Glenn's recount from a space mission where he saw brilliantly lit up luminescent particles (courtesy of

"John Glenn: "This is Friendship Seven. I will try to describe who I am here. I am in a large mass of some very small particles that are brilliantly lit up as they are luminescent. I have not seen anything as they are a little round, they'll come close to the capsule, and they look like little stars. The average is 7 or 8 feet apart, but I can see them all below me, too. ”CAPCOM: "Roger, Friendship Seven. Can you hear any impact with the capsule? John Glenn: "Negative, negative. They are very slow; they are not going away from me more than maybe 3 or 4 miles per hour. They're going at the same speed I'm around. They are just a little bit about my pace."

Plus this quote below:


There is that word again in my previous blog regarding bioluminescence.

Anyway, these amazing bright white orbs have been seen worldwide, but there is nothing mechanical about them. It's all ethereal, and they are human, just like us. Sightings will increase as things become even more chaotic in this realm on Earth. They're trying to help as much as possible. Think of them as the anti-machines in the "The Matrix" movie, and meanwhile, the machines are ramping up their attacks. Our suffering is being countered by hope, the light, so it's no wonder heavy censoring for many of us out there in a world that feels it's gone stark-raving mad.

My photos for comparison.

Similiar Orbs - Bulgaria, August 2021.

So much is happening all at once. It's enough to make one's head spin, and recently I captured more lens flare anomalies (and yes, I get how cameras work, but this is something different). However, because it's coming from me without mention of UFOs or aliens, it's instant disbelief/ridicule. But we need to ask ourselves if UFO ships can cloak, why can't Angels/Soul Orbs do the same? I've shown countless times that they can pop in and out within seconds. They do cloak, and they are here in vast numbers that are mind-blowing. And this isn't to say that Merlina Marcan or anyone else is not correct because all sorts are visiting us in what Marcan calls the "Macro-Cosmic World." I am just pointing out that not everything UFO experts see is extraterrestrial. We can tell the difference between our Angelic helpers and which ones fall into the other category for some of us.

My lens Flare anomaly photos, taken on 4/13/2022

Two older photos.

Another Angel in a Fairy size also on April 13, 2022.


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