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Censored for talking about Angels?

Censored for talking about Angels? Yep! I was booted off of a site called Quodverum and this blurb was taken directly off their website: "QuodVerum is an open discussion forum. We welcome all ideas and opinions and will exercise minimum moderation only when we believe laws are being broken."

Well, apparently it is not a free and open exchange of ideas when I received an email stating that not only was I kicked off, but they also deleted my photos etcetera. To date, I have not received a reply after asking them on what basis warranted this suspension when I've only posted about the angels I see. In fact, to save me time, I copy & paste the same exact lines of text I tweet out to other platforms such as, "Hey check out this new video I uploaded to YouTube."

Zero hate speech, nothing even remotely political. Angels are well, angels and all I am guilty of is trying to get the word out there, be a beacon of hope all while trying to beat the algorithms that are against me. The same goes for my book which is at the bottom of the barrel. And the only reason why I joined there was to branch out after the great "Twitter Purge". There were quite a few lovely people I was following on Twitter, who sadly, I can no longer find anywhere. Good souls who were ISTO (in service to others) like me and it's sad they have disappeared altogether.

Anyway, I'll keep carrying on despite censorship and algorithms. I'm a fighter, always have been. I've been given this amazing opportunity to be ISTO and will continue to do so for as long as I can. "Keep Calm & Angel On" is my motto ever since November's video.


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