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Gina Maria Colvin Fear Agenda - Part Three (Analytics!)

Analytically, the most popular blogs on here are the ones about Gina Maria Colvin Hill. It's no wonder because she is the gift that just keeps on giving, but this will be my last one on this nutter. Her latest stream of antics is funny but sad all the same. "She is on a roll. No more UFOs. Humanity is on the brink of whatever she thinks, is going to happen." Nothing but darkness now mixed in with very few uplifting clips, making it seem as if she's bipolar. Narcissist for certain.

Apparently, she got a YouTube strike and was put in a timeout for a week.

See that title? Bad Girl = sexual innuendo. So Gina created a backup channel using the same name she uses on Telegram. “Gina Warrior of Light“. This woman is far from the light anyone could get. She reminds me of a siren, luring people into a trap, except she only thinks she’s sexy. She knows that sex sells. Hence why she’ll do a string of gloomy videos followed by a dance once.

Others have noted how she touches herself while speaking, such as the area in between her breasts, which is subliminal mind programming. And when people give her money while she's shaking her jiggly bits, that's akin to a pole dancer = stripper = sex.

Notice how the very next video that follows her dance clip uses the word vibration?

So don't tell me this woman is just a crazy fool who does not know what she's doing. She knows exactly what she is doing while so many of you out there fall for the never-ending lies. You crave the fear porn and eat up like it's candy. Another subliminal message: fear, fear porn = sex. You allow your soul to get sucked up as a vampire would blood (graphic analogy but works). "A psychic vampire is a person who emotionally drains others, feeding off their misery." She is feeding off of your misery all while profiting from each live video she does.

Do you actually believe this nonsense? It's our sun!

Do you actually believe she is honest? She's done nothing but lie from day one.

Three strikes and she’s out, or so I hear, just like in baseball. But if that happens, she’ll cry wolf and fall back on how *they* are out to get her. *They* want to suppress the truth. No Gina, maybe it’s because you’re stealing other’s people’s content or maybe you’re pushing the envelope way too far. You claim you are of the light, but you are the dark disguised as the light.

And to think people sat there staring at this blurry photo. No, that’s not a being, just a very dirty camera lens. The real light beings, as I’ve said before, will not appear to Gina. Now I know her cultish trolls will attack me with the same old rhetoric. “Jealous, jealous, jealous.” Let me repeat, I don’t give a hoot about followers. Nor have I've ever asked for a single dime. So it'll be another round of Instablock for any pathetic childish comments. I can see through a person's soul. I am very gifted, so do not dare tell me I am jealous because she's the chosen one.

The angels came to me, not her. And I did what they asked of me, sharing incredible and beautiful images. Sharing hope in trying times. Unfortunately, more trying times are ahead, with Covid variants and lockdowns looming in certain countries and areas. But the world is far from ending. We will get through this just like we always have. And just know that if anyone needs a virtual hug, healing vibes, intuitive guidance, or just a shoulder to lean on during yet perhaps another dark winter, please use my contact page. I will always help the best I can no matter how busy I get.

P.S. This is my final post on her. Karma will do the rest.

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Catherine Mitchell
Catherine Mitchell
Aug 08, 2021

Quite literally, if people can't see that she's a serial attention seeker and will feed any and all crap, that's their problem.

You can see it.

I can see it.

As you said, rather sad and I say beyond pathetic.

Leave her out of your dialogue and you be you.

She's severely fake and a person that seeks anomalies in all existence needs mental help.


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