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"Truth Be Told", Tough Times

Truth Be Told by Matthew West is a song we can all relate to. We're only humans, living in a shell that isn't as tough as we think. We break, we shatter, we are just like the children's rhyme, "Humpty Dumpty". Sometimes we can pick ourselves back up, other times we find ourselves in the depths of despair and don't even know where to start. We're sitting on the floor looking at all the broken pieces. Often we're holding out for the one thing that can help us, praying for a miracle living in a duality system while weaving our way through the labyrinth of life.

Duality, it sucks, I understand.

The dark cannot exist without light. The light cannot exist without the dark. Balance is key but that balance is way off, has been for far too long. Sadly, some of us are unfortunate and do not get to live that happily ever after we see in movies or read in books. There are some out there stuck living a life in hell on earth.

Is it bad luck? Is it karma from a prior life? Is it because there are lessons to be learned? Is it because of dark forces? Theories, no answers, and I suppose theories exist to help us feel a bit better while wanting an escape from a life that's steeped in darkness.

I have a confession to make. As much as I am blessed to see what I see, equally my life is far from perfect. It never was, I grew up poor, in abusive relationships, assaulted, evicted, and so on. And I can't help thinking of Matthew West's song and how so many times we get tested in life, we reach our breaking points.

I just had a week of craziness right into another one. I get so worn down. I feel like I try, try, try. Sometimes when I look at my word count I want to sob. And despite cutting back running time on videos, I'm struggling to get those up online especially now that fairy season has started. I'm still censored and did you know YouTube's AI deletes comments now? Yep, but there is a way around that, it's just a matter of words one uses and I hear to skip any emojis. How utterly ridiculous and don't even get me started about "DuckDuckGo", hello Brave! I'm also raising four children without a support system. As for my marriage, well for a time being at the dinner table, my husband constantly took the "mickey out of me" under the guise of sarcasm which led to my children doing similar. A lack of respect all around while feeling like the world's biggest joke as I wake up early and start my first round of laundry before school runs. Truth be told, I love my children, and I won't leave them, but my gosh how many of us out there are sick and tired of hearing how everything's our fault though? Marriage is messy for some and I know I'm not the only parent in the world who makes sacrifices for their children. Parents do what they can, do what they must, even sacrificing their own well-being as my doctor just told me my white-blood count cells are down and put me on prescription D.

I know single parents who are killing themselves on a daily basis and it's worse now as inflation skyrockets. Sadly, it's only going to get that much harder. Even driving a hybrid SUV, cost me $50 to fill my tank and I swear my kids are Billie goats, all the holes and tears in clothing. Inflation, that's all by design, the shortages, etc. And don't even get me started on pompous celebrities who parade around wearing expensive clothing, jewelry, living in mansions telling us peons how to live. The dad who can't fix his leaky roof or the child who went hungry during Covid because her mother lost her job could use some of that swag bag you got at the Oscars as do so many others. The elites versus the rest of us, it's sickening. Telling us to drive an electric car when we can barely buy a used one off the lot. Another lie as they destroy the planet for lithium. Just like saving the ocean when it's been a dumping ground for used face masks. We fly coach, the elites fly on private jets, but we're the bad ones. The list of bull goes on and on. Hypocrites, sheer hypocrites.

There's no failure.

This is what I tell myself when I see the shills still shilling with thousands of followers. This is what writers need to hear when their book is buried under the algorithms. This is what the lovely Chalcedony needs to hear after releasing a kick-butt song hoping to get airplay, get noticed. It's a "dog eat dog world", sigh. But it's not failure, it's called giving it your best, especially against all odds. That's what's matters the most but doesn't help that gut-wrenching feeling inside, I know. Competition, especially in the truther movement is truly pathetic (shills still shilling, promising you an instant fix or instilling constant fear).

As for mistakes, bad choices, even if one's gifted we all make them. The Angels, know it's an unbalanced unfair world and like Matthew West sings, "let the truth be told." We feel pain, regret, sorrow, trauma, etc. And the reason why "all the king's horses and all the king's men can't put Humpty back together again" is because we're the ones here on earth (on the ground), the biggest chessboard of all time. Stuck between light and dark while the dark savors their pawns, refusing to let some of them go, licking their lips as we continue to divide and suffer. But not forever as what the Angels have shown me and things are playing out in the spiritual realm to bring everything back into balance but how long that takes, I don't know.

Let's just all hope that one day the puppet masters, the dark occultists (note the word dark, occult means hidden knowledge), and their Great Reset, NWO, will be no more. For now, we keep going. We patch ourselves up, bandage our battle wounds, get back in the fight if we can, and hold our heads up high. And when someone asks, it's fine to be honest because you certainly are not alone in saying "I'm not okay" all while silently being watched over by a higher power who gives us wings to cry into and are trying to do what they can to bring back light into a world that's too dark.

We will win this... it'll just take time.


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