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The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose - Second Book Eventually

I released my first novel in November 2020, and since then, the majority of us are going through an awakening of all different sorts. For me, the "matrix" reveals more of itself every day, and seeing how many layers there truly is unsettling s as piece by piece is peeled like an onion.

The Phoenix's fire is harsh. It burns. Even the tears burn. But the truth is better than all the lies. Veronica is still dreaming but her dreams are deeper while equally disturbing. There have been gains and surprises, but the battle between good and evil is continually heating up. However, part two will have to wait until book two of my children's story is completed. Unfortunately, in human bodies, we are hit with mortal issues that need looking after, and it's been one whopper of a year for this writer, who is aiming for a more wordy new year and way fewer doctor visits. The Phoenix is rising as our awakening ramps up in 2023.

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