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The Phoenix Lights Petroglyphsinthesky

Meet Mr. Jeff Woolwine.

"He was the first person to prove that the Hohokam Indians carved UFO sightings hundreds of years ago on the mountains around the valley of Phoenix Arizona. His videos and research has captivated the ufo world and change the way to understand UFOs through the rock art and his UFO sightings and investigations. Jeff has written a book on this subject and is currently being published now. 15 years of research and hiking the mountains around the valley of Phoenix Arizona and filming UFOS in the valley Skies he has possible explanations and theories on what UFOS are thats included in his book. Jeff has been in a number of cable shows radio shows and was premiered in the pilot for the UFO Hunters show then later as it aired on the History Channel."

Jeff’s wife sent me a message. They see what I see in Arizona. However, we’re in the same predicament. YouTube (owned by Google and for the record, I strictly use DuckDuckGo) is killing small channels off. In Jeff’s case, he got locked out of his original channel. Even had someone steal his work (which happens a lot sadly). And now he’s struggling to get views, subscribers, likes. It’s a “dog eat dog world” is the expression.

It’s not just us, even music artists, for example, have a tougher time. So while the tech has advanced, so has the competition mixed in with speed. And again, this goes back to living in an instant world. If you don’t knock that ball out of the park on your first go. Well, you get the idea. Anyway, getting back to Jeff. Visit his channel. His photos are like mine and he also has spirits, angels, around him no matter where he lives. But unfortunately, I feel there is not much I can do in this “dog eat dog world” other than dropping his name and advising him to get on TikTok. And as for YouTube, I’ll say it again, AI bots, censorship, killing off smaller channels tsk tsk tsk. But I'm rising above it all. And good luck trying to control something in which you cannot. That's a realm you have no power over.

One last note before I switch hats and get back to writing. (Broken record time.)

It doesn't matter what one's belief is or is not, it's what's in your heart. That's it, it's that simple! Just be happy! And remember what I said in my November 2020 video! I'm not waiting around for anyone to save me, because I can do it myself. I'm strong and so are you. You got this.

Jeff's photos/screenshots.


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