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The Phoenix

The phoenix has played a major role in my life, so it’s no wonder one appeared on my night camera. Reinforcing my belief in reincarnation and that when we die, we pass through the veil and become ethereal beings. Some of us opt to be reborn, some see themselves as Starseeds, Lightworkers. A tough role with many pitfalls, challenges, and heartache. Beacons of light who often take a beating worse than any lighthouse on a shore, put it that way.

Anyway, over the past three years, I’ve been piecing things together and sharing info that I receive from the spiritual realm as well as diving into science, trying to be analytical (metaphysical). In particular, how upon conception, there’s a spark and that spark could be magnetic as well as from phosphorus. “Rare earth magnets and magnetic materials may create sparks through contact in handling, especially when allowed to impact together.” If we consider that souls (ghost orbs) can pass through walls and be any size, surely they can pass through a woman’s womb at the time of conception? Could that spark be when an ethereal being chooses to be reborn? (Update 11/8/2021 - Crystal Tyme has it down to 48 days, I think. I'm still watching her latest video. Astrotheology. )

Three years into this journey, I no longer fear death. I used to, especially after my parents died eleven days apart, that trauma did a number on me, and then some including suicidal thoughts. This came about after falling flat on my face when I handed my soulmate a letter and a unique card. I clammed up something fierce and oh how I cried after I left his sight. (A long story, but if you’re clever, you’ll know where to read about what went down on that fateful day. But I left out the part how afterward I sobbed, I got pissed drunk, passed out on the subway, and then puked my guts out once home. Word counts! A lot had to be chopped.)

I felt I blew it, I lost him for good, and then eight months later is when I lost my parents. I lost everything, so it felt, and I was in a horrible place for many months. A year later, my in-laws moved back to England, life became even quieter, and then the following year the souls, the angels appeared. Beacons of hope, love, and strength. They showed me, in a vision, that my parents chose to be reborn. I saw their entire lives play out like a movie in my mind. Happy, wonderful lives.

I’m at peace while welcoming the many souls who pass through here, knowing they were once someone’s parents, cousin, uncle, child, and so forth. When I was much younger, I was told by a medium that I'm a bright light for souls, they find me. Well, I suppose that's been taken to a whole new level now. And if anyone recalls Stephen King's movie/book "The Shining", some of us shine just like Danny Torrance.

Getting back to soulmates... with *him*, I acted like a lamb when I should have been a lion. I waited such a long time due to several different circumstances, including cancer scares, and I faltered. That’s not like me, not my personality, but that’s fear. And it's not the first time I've frozen seeing him, as this is my fourth attempt. Fear often holds us back, fear stops us from trying, fear ties our tongues and seals our lips shut. But thanks to the angels, I am learning to overcome fear, and who knows what the future holds. Although there's still a high probability I'll turn right back to mush if I ever see *him* again. And even now when I look back, I tear up. It's not easy remembering a past life, especially when the other person does not. We're not intended to retain those memories and more than a few times I was told the universe made a mistake. Incorrect words to say to a young impressionable girl, leaving her to feel she's the mistake most of her life. But now, decades later knows, this girl knows she's special, she's gifted, and while the pain may be unbearable having these gifts, the rewards are just as equal.

In short, we don’t die, we just change, and love, well love never dies either...

P.S. Did you know a person can have more than one soulmate? We can also reincarnate around the same circle of friends, family. I have one friend, we’re kindred souls. A special bond that I cherish. There are countless stories of people meeting and they instantly click.

P.S.S. I think I need some downtime, I'm emotionally taxed, overwhelmed, this lighthouse needs repairs right now. The angels know. I was outside and they were calm and peaceful in the sky (5/21/2021), normally they're go-go-go.

Screenshot from one of my nighttime recordings, it's a Phoenix symbol.


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