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Spring Fairies!

On the first day of spring, the fairies appeared in our yard. This makes the third year they've graced us with their presence. During colder months, they remain higher up (sky/roof level) where they can go undetected. I use the term fairy when they are at ground level. They're still the tiny angels, which has me wondering if faires from long ago were them, but unfortunately, I'm fresh out of a time machine. They do wear clothing, or at least some of them do, mostly white, women with long hair. It sounds so crazy, I know. I feel like a nutter even sharing any of this but they're just so amazing. There's this mutual joy shared seeing one another in this fashion.

And once again, specific areas of our yard are off-limits and/or tread carefully. Although no one can actually harm them, it's the respect given. I still leave out a small dish of treats, like a crushed cookie, cereal, tea, or whatever all while grabbing my camera. It's a token of appreciation even though they can't drink or eat. A thank you for being in our lives because I'll admit that if they ever move on, oh how I'll miss them. It's no wonder sometimes I get carried away with way too many photos but then again they're difficult to get a clear shot of because they're an optical illusion. Turn one way, they've vanished, but look towards the other way, you can see them. It's all so fascinating.

On Sunday we had company over, my friend, her daughter, and the newest member of the family sleeping soundly in her stroller. The fairies graced us with their presence. Contrary to some beliefs or stories, loud noises don't bother them neither a dog barking nor kids playing outside. They love children, babies, and they love the warmer weather just like we do. They get to mingle in so much better, so clever, yet so loving and gentle, watching over us all as well as Mother Earth. What an incredible journey this all has been.



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