• Jennifer Battershill

Jealousy comments, when I'm nothing but grateful.

Well, Gina Maria Colvin Hill saw my post about her and made a video about me. Just as I predicted, the jealousy comments began. I have nothing to be jealous of; I have this amazing, fantastic life and I am beyond grateful to see angels, spirits. I’ve been gifted my entire life, and while being gifted often is not an easy road for some, I still would not change it for the world.

I’m not in this for fame or money. I’ve met countless celebrities, lived overseas. I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences in life. And even though I do not talk about this ever, I will now confess to once dating someone famous when I was younger. It was afterward that I realized that fame isn’t worth it and since then I don’t believe in idolization.

Celebrities are no different from anyone else, only in what they do for a living which comes with the limelight. Me, I’m much happier standing outside under God’s sunlight. And this is why I try not to push my YouTube page at all and have mentioned I like a smaller group. Intimacy is the word that comes to mind and I one-hundred percent appreciative of my followers.

The one thing I will always abide by is truth. If my spirit was dark or jealous, angels would be long gone from me. Angels, souls, can not only pass through walls but they can see straight to your heart, soul.

And maybe me speaking about her is just my way of watching out for others. In the past,

I’ve been lied to, tricked, hurt badly. Despite being intuitively gifted, we all make mistakes. We’re human and have gotten misled or fell in love with the wrong person, for example. Life is all a learning experience, and while I dislike creating bad karma for myself, I also hate to see others get their hopes up about something that will not happen. Because that’s happened to me, so here I am taking one for the team, but one thing for certain jealous is the wrong word to label me as. I thank God every day that I’m here and that I can put food on my table. I am grateful for all the wonder and beauty that’s out there, and I’m a firm believer that humans can create changes that are needed. We can pick up the pieces, dust ourselves off, and put one foot in front of the other that is without waiting for otherworldly help.

And if I never get more than a thousand viewers on my channel, that matters not because that’s not what my channel is about. It’s simply getting the word "hope" out there, sharing something amazing and beautiful. God is great, slow as heck sometimes, ha, I get it, but still great.