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New Channel Name: AngelsandSouls

I figured it was time to retire OrbSkyWatcher and felt the new name "Angels and Souls" was more suitable for my channel and logo. When I began sky watching, it took me a while to understand that these orbs were souls, spirits, ghosts, and not exactly UFO or alien-related (although otherworldly, quite strange, and debatable even to me who keeps searching for answers.)

I'm going to try to slow down on uploading videos to allow myself to "stop and smell the roses", breathe, take it all in, and enjoy the wonder and amazement. Today we had slightly warmer weather and one tiny angel (fairy size) came down from the roof, but not for long. I'm a bit disappointed photos did not come out that great but that happens quite a lot. They're like an optical illusion, half here, half in another realm. And as much as I said I would slow down, I could not help grabbing that camera hence why I'm writing this blog so late.

Basically, I need to tell myself to only stay outside a certain amount of time. It's just such a hard habit to break when I'm OCD about trying to get the perfect shot. Going forward, I know it's time to connect with these angelic spirits more than be just their photographer. Plus I started writing again, a children's story, and got the basic storyline down. I made a promise to write this story, a promise I tend to keep and I know the angels aren't going anywhere so it's all good. I just need to breathe and take things one day at a time, stop myself from rushing so much. Yep, old habits are definitely hard to break but it's a new year, spring is coming, and maybe this year I'll dance with the fairies without a camera in my hand.


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