• Jennifer Battershill

Predictions & Busy Parenting

No, I'm not someone all over the internet like Psychic Joe or NJ's very own Intuitive Jack or Scotty the Medium. I’m a mom to four children with no family around to help. My parents are deceased while my in-laws live in England. To anyone raising children, life is crazy busy. We put our children front and center while often sacrificing sleep. When I was younger, single, I used to do readings for friends a lot, co-workers on our lunch break. But since becoming a mom, that changed. Instead of Tarot cards, it’s checking school homework or running errands such as who needs a dental check-up. The list goes on and on. So no, I don’t have the time to do readings for people, but I could if I wanted to. My gifts have been used differently over the past few years, filming the orbs & angels in the sky. This is what they asked of me, even if faced with ridicule. So while I do not have fancy business cards or own a shop, this does not make me a self-proclaimed psychic or well-known. I'm just one heck of a busy mom.

Anyway, I try my best to pass on information when I receive it that I feel is relevant to what's occurring in still crazy stressful times. Sadly, the latest I've held back sharing because of its nature. No one likes gloomy and I try my best to shy away and lend out hope. So here it goes...

Starting at the end of October (28th), I felt such despair, loss, as we head into another “dark winter”. However, it's not Covid related, something else. Something dark is afoot and I said a few months back that demons still walk the earth (dark, evil souls) so don’t let your guard down. And yes, I’m hoping I am wrong because even the best of the best get predictions wrong. So let’s pray this one is.

Please keep in mind that we need to go through the dark before the light.

P.S. Hurricane Katrina - Hurricane Ida = August 29. Prayers going out across the world. And ugh, my tooth chipped (11 PM). A bad sign whether it happens in a dream or real life, death always follows.