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My Book, Matrix Resurrections, Neo/Trinity, and the Machines


In my book, "The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose", there's a similarity to the "Matrix Resurrections" during a conversation between Neo and Trinity in the cafe that sent chills down my spine. Synchronicity. Deja-vu. Welcome to my life. That one scene, I cannot stop thinking about it. It's eerily similar to page 46 in my book. A situation Veronica faces where she is met with ridicule, but I'll leave it like that, spoilers from the movie. Early on in my book, she begins a journey into the unbelievable, the strange, questioning reality like in "The Matrix".

What's real, what's not?

Is the dream world real, while the waking world is false?

And so on.

And while "The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose" is a story that begins long ago it eerily ties into what's occurring now in our world as it churns. Many people are waking up from their "pods", they dislike their world very much, it's bleak, darker than what they were led to believe. The lies and deception run deep. And there's an easter egg straight away in my book that gets the readers to wonder if it's a fictitious story or if it's true. Because after all, life is certainly stranger than fiction, especially as we head into the year 2022. Goodness knows 2021 was full of plot twists. "Buckle up, and please put your trays in their upright position."

Anyway, metaphorically speaking, I decided to test the water recently which only served as a reminder of why I've kept a lifetime of secrets, my cards held close to my chest. I do not belong in certain bodies of water. I'm an anomaly, and in that sense, I can relate to the character Neo entering "machine city".

And the machines can sense this straight away. So it's best I take a deep breath all while knowing that there's always another way. "When one door closes, another one opens." So I'll carry on with hope in my heart. I'll continue to be a light for those that need it even while being ridiculed or taking a verbal beating. And like my book, the two main characters are much like Neo and Trinity with the hopes that they find their way back to another. Because that kind of love is timeless, it's powerful, and love will always find a way, find an open door.

A year later after publishing it, I'm running a Kindle promotion during a time when the economy is sky-rocketing. Tough times all while the machines continue to wage war, continually ripping us apart as they're programmed to do. They want us controlled, they want us to feel weak, to forget who we truly are, and to deter us from seeking freedom or questioning things. Agent Smith certainly doesn't like the status quo upset as I just witnessed. But as time goes on, I'm finding myself more and more like Trinity. As I'm sure many others are as well or finding themselves like Neo. Despite the bleakness, the shackles, we have potential, we can even fly. We just need to stand strong and believe in ourselves, fight back against any Agent Smiths who want us back in line.

Anyway, getting back to my book. I didn't just write it for Alan. I wrote it for everyone out there who's loved and lost. For those who struggle, for those who push forward in times of darkness. We keep going even if life is hell. It's a book for those that question things and set off looking for answers. It's for those that are not afraid to face their fears or step out of line according to Agent Smith. It's for those of you out there who have often felt you're not good enough, not pretty or handsome enough, not perfect, who've looked at themselves in the mirror as Neo does and don't like what you see. It's for those who've lost hope or even have lost it all.

Life is messy, it's shitty, but it's not one without a brighter tomorrow, and a world without any Agent Smiths, without "the machines".

Yep, bleep the machines because humanity wins in the end as does goodness, kindness, friendship, helping others, and of course, love.


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