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It's Back, that Calling, that Fire

There's been this immense pull happening. A calling. Waves of energy lighting up my soul. Such intensity hasn’t happened to me in a long while. (Add in deja-vu into the mix.). Used to happen a lot when I was younger but each time I crumbled, failed. This time, it's all different. No more will the fire blazing within my soul be distinguished. I know what I am capable of, and have passed every test thrown at me (and then some). I've faced the darkness, the demons.

Recently, I’ve had some wicked dreams. In one dream, I stood in front of an oncoming train but did not flinch. The second it hit me, it dissipated. In another dream, someone held a gun to my forehead and shot off several rounds. I did not flinch, nor did any bullets come out of the chamber. I stood my ground, faced fear, and that’s the key message. And for several nights, I kept having dreams of losing a ring, not a wedding ring, one worn on my right hand. I would even wake up in the middle of the night searching for it in my bed. It’s a ring tied to royalty, power, a costly ring with diamonds. I struggled to understand the meaning until now.

It’s about letting go and moving on, getting over that fear of a loss. And it's time for me to slow down on my channel. It served its purpose and I wouldn’t be where I am right now without it. Cryptic, I know, but it's all falling into place now. All these years, all the heartache, struggles, and so on, every step I took was orchestrated like a grand symphony.

Switching my focus, it's the right move. While out bike riding (8/7 because I went back to edit a gazillion times, it's the perfectionist in me) I came across four stags. Yep, four amazing breathtaking stags that sent chills along my spine. "Myths and Lore surrounding the Stag run across the world." The number four is significant, it ties into my book and I'm feeling wow all over again.


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