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Hologram, Holospehere, The Veil,

Over the past few years, I've captured what I call Lens Flare Anomalies, which are extremely intriguing. Yep, it's just a lens flare, many will say. Skepticism, I understand why. It's absurd. Heck, most of what I share is nuts. But recently, a friend of mine told me about a YouTuber called Archaix who has done extensive research, and when he mentioned "The Phoenix Phenomenon," my jaw dropped! Anyone who knows me knows that the Phoenix has always played a major role in my life. However, this Phoenix is entirely different yet has the same purpose. "Out of the ashes, rise anew." Destruction, rebirth. Anyway, Jason speaks of us living in a Matrix but calls it a holosphere, and he is not the only person I've come across who believes our world is not what we think it is. Just today, while a friend was over visiting from California, I mentioned the moon. The last moon landing was 1968, and it's now 2022. Something is very wrong with us never going back there, and people are starting to notice and question during a time when we are still having an awakening that involves even outer space.

Let's take our new Space Force. Why bother when no one's going anywhere? Sure, shoot up rockets, but we can't land on the moon? And it really brings us right back to the feeling we are trapped here. And why are there so many soul orbs around? Can they leave? Are they trapped? Do they cross over and come back? Many people have heard about a "Soul Trap", reincarnation, etcetera. It really does make one's head spin, doesn't it?

But let's back to my strange photos.

There are tons more pictures that I have added to my public photo gallery. And when I revert back to the other strange sky photos I've taken, we are, without a doubt, being watched. But by who? Orbs have holes like swiss cheese, and in the sky, I've seen very large holes. Almost as if there's a thin clear piece of film which I can only assume is the veil between worlds/realms. But Jason has me now wondering if the veil is our holospehere, keeping us here. Is it only the ethereal that can pass through, souls leaving our bodies and other entities such as the fairies? I mean, I can't help but wonder what the rules are. Who leaves, who's stuck, and do we voluntarily come back here. Goodness knows this planet is hard and only getting tougher each passing month.

Jason, in one of his videos, mentions intent, co-creating events, etcetera in life. Mastering the game, so to speak, just like Neo in The Matrix. Now I'm wondering if I've created the fairies, willed them to be here? Did I ask for my dreams to haunt me so? Or is this on a smaller scale? Such as how positive affirmations work. He is spot-on with everything in the past tense, though. "I have the best job ever!" In order to get a new and wonderful job. We have to say our affirmations with extreme intent as they already have occurred.

Anyway, I have a long way to go watching his videos, but his math and timeline (no pun intended) really do add up. And I am going to have to listen to him tons more and see how this ties into what I see, what I have been sharing, and how this ties into the paranormal, the Angels, ghosts, souls, and other UAPs. So stay tuned. I will try to revisit this blog at a later time. is his website.


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