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Gina Maria Colvin Hill Fear-Fraud-Psyops

Gina Maria Colvin Hill was thrust into the spotlight in September 2018 over the sudden closure of the New Mexico Solar Observatory. Conspiracy stories galore popped along with the rampant sharing of her photos of a fleet of UFOs around the sun. Claims of NASA hiding this from everyone followed, but no, that was never the case at all. "FBI records obtained by Reuters said that the Sunspot Solar Observatory, part of the National Solar Observatory on Sacramento Peak, was shut down due to criminal activity, specifically a child porn investigation."

That's right, criminal activity and sadly of the worst kind. And since we're talking about facts versus rumors, let's touch upon some facts anyone can look up regarding how telescopes work in capturing such supposed UFO activity around the sun and about space.

Fact #1 - We cannot see the sun at night because it's on the other side of the earth.

Fact #4 - Astrophotography takes time, long exposures, and involves something called stacking. Post image processing along with dealing with light pollution in more populated areas.

Fact #5 - Weather!! No one is checking on the weather in Salem, Indiana. Astronomers won't waste their time going outside to set up if there are clouds, nor would they risk ruining equipment in the rain.

Fact #6 - Setting up a telescope takes time and involves star alignment. Celestron and other companies now sell faster alignment equipment, which we own along with a Celestron HD Edge telescope. We bought our equipment to do Astrophotography, so we're well aware of what it involves. So it's inconceivable GMCH happens to take pics of the same ships over and over around the sun and happen to be stationed on the same side.

Even when using a camera, the sun is moving in the sky and therefore why I am always standing right by my camera and adjusting recordings as needed. Well, as it turns out, GMCH was only using binoculars strapped to her cell phone when this all began and it seems this scam has run its course. Recently, GMCH has hopped on over to Planet X, Nibiru as well as "Plasma Beings". She claims to be of the light, yet it's all about fear and an alien invasion agenda with her. Many people suspect she now has a team of people behind her, a crew, helping her do these videos since she's churning them out left & right all while she throws up the Masonic hand signs.

Speaking of Masonic, much of her earlier videos were one-second clips that reminded me of MK-Ultra while her fans act similar to a cult. One such fan was the one I spoke about in my November 2020 video titled: Album Cleanup, more Lockdowns/Darkness, Trolls/Fake UFO lady.

I never trolled her Facebook page or YouTube, but I think it's far time I spoke up on someone who's a fraud. "But she's a sweet lady!" I'm sure Little Red Riding Hood felt the same. To be blunt, the devil lies. The devil plays tricks all while GMCH is raking in the cash with each video that gets watched on YouTube.

I am not the first person to speak out against GMCH, many others have over the past two-years all while the cult goes on the attack. She is most certainly ticking off the Planet X, Nibiru channels who have been at this way longer than she has. AngryCatfish Briggs and Hush Puppy for example. Logicked as well has made several videos mocking GMCH.

Now I'm 100% positive that her fans will read this blog and immediately call me out by saying how I am just jealous of her because after all to them she is the "chosen one". Why would I be? I would take angels over aliens any day of the week! I'm beyond lucky to sit in my yard as they swirl around me like fairies do while in colder weather they sit on my roof watching over us. I don't think anyone could ask for anything more than their presence and protection, all while granting me permission to film them and share it with the world. As I said in that one particular video, I don't need aliens to swoop down and save me all while angels remind us we have the power within to stand on our own two feet and face whatever storms blow our way.

Angels are about love, light, and courage. The opposite of GMCH's fear agenda and earlier on, someone caught on she was using the reflection from a doll's eye who then got booted off her Facebook page. Another time she mistakenly left the shadow of her cell phone in the picture. Many others provided proof, all of whom got banned and attacked by her fans. Jordan Sather debunked her straight away.

In short, there is no alien technology stopping time. Our sun is exactly what it is, a sun. The black sun is just from the camera lens, nothing more. There isn't a massive mother-ship above Mt. Etna in Italy. Just like there isn't a fleet of UFOs around the sun. And no, no, no, those are not web plasma ships she's showing everyone on night cameras from other countries. Nor are plasma beings giving birth to dark matter!

Those that have been watching my videos of night-time activity can immediately distinguish between harmless souls versus dark evil aliens. And when I said we are in a massive battle between light and dark, you betcha the dark side will push and fund someone like GMCH while messing with the algorithms and likes on channels such as mine and others who are pure of heart and only want to be in service to others (ISTO). P.S. Anyone with a bit of intuition knows deep-down she is fake. I don't need a Tarot deck or glance into a crystal ball when logic suffices.

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer." Dune, Frank Herbert.

UPDATE: So, here’s some additional information. Three aliens visited Gina, hence the whole chosen one comments. And she’s on a four-year mission, which reminds me of Star Trek. Although it’s unclear if the younger alien took over her body. And there’s something to do with ley lines between that observatory and her home. I gotta say; I think Angry Catfish Briggs is right, this whole thing is one big psyops, a social experiment, which explains tossing in a dancing video here and there. She’s got a new video with a message to the UFO community. Quote: “I’m going to share whatever I can and I don’t care if it distorts the UFO community or their mindset.” Right after comes the part where she’s melding spirituality in with UFOs.

Just for the record, I’m not trying to debunk UFOs or aliens at all because I’ve seen my share of the unexplainable. This video is strictly about Gina and this also goes for Planet X Nibiru. My sole focus is on the paranormal realm, angels, orbs, and I’m on God’s side in this war.

Speaking of debunking, someone corrected me on a few of my lens flare anomaly pics. The lines were just from the camera itself. I said this when I began that if I make a mistake, I’ll own up to it. I deleted these pics from my photo gallery. And as for those amazing cloud photos I showed in a video a month back, that was just a heavenly presence. A calm, peaceful, beautiful sight.

Anyway, be careful who you follow. Guard your soul well and remember wolves wear sheep’s clothing.

The back of her cell phone.

Doll's eye here, she forgot to delete these two pictures from her feed at the time.

She's also conceited = deceitful.

These just scratch on a lens or reflections.

Or bouncing the flash off of an object. Even if such ships were in outer space, they would not be on top of one another unless they have really great UFO insurance.


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