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Gina Maria Colvin Fear Agenda - Part Two

Several months ago I warned everyone about Gina Maria Colvin Hill. Her agenda is not to lead people into the light but into the dark. She is running her channel as a cult leader would and everyone remembers how certain cults have wound up? Yep, dead. Her most recent video titled “This is IMPORTANT...there is no sugar coating” is a prime example. She is telling her followers there is no hope. The word suicide comes to mind and any blood will be solely on her hands. She follows that video with a distraction, one of her promiscuous dances. In another video of hers, titled “Seeing and Not Perceiving”, one commenter wrote: “Jesus spoke in parables because the serpent race can not able to perceive.” Grr, do I dislike poor spellers and grammar! ( The lot of them, including Gina.) Gina is about as far away from Jesus as it gets. She is from the serpent race, a demonic demented soul deceiving everyone day by day, video by video.

Again, she falls right back to making excuses for banning people and deleting comments such as they’re not spiritual enough, or awake. No, they are awake. They are questioning what you are saying and sharing, as they should. Those that are asleep are the ones still falling for the deception. Oh, and whatever happened to that fleet of UFOs? Seems they have vanished, and no help is on the way. Hence the change in her programming and yet she still is banging out five to seven videos a day because it pays the bills. Not to mention those that randomly donate money to her and for stupid videos lately too. Such as watching her wash her car or eating bugs! 1,500 of you watched her change the oil in her truck! It’s all so sad, really.

And one of Gina’s members visited my channel and left this lovely message. He must have gotten spooked and quickly deleted it. One of us looks way hotter than the other, LOL, so I’m not surprised this guy came over to my channel and I hope he’s taken a very cold shower.

Getting back to Gina, it’s fairly clear that we are still in a spiritual battle for our souls. She and I are two sides of a coin, light and dark. My channel gives hope and love while hers is fear and confusion with an air of “I’m right, everyone else is wrong.” She claims she is of the light and about love, but it’s just smoke and mirrors. Gina has little faith in humanity while she remains hidden inside her attic or wandering her grounds. While I have faith in spades.

But, ultimately it’s free will. It’s up to each individual to decide for themselves who to watch and listen to. Many times before, I have said this: We’re going to be okay. Angels are here. But the choice is yours and yours alone. Just choose wisely.

Oh, and as for the video she did showing light beings, those are just insects attracted to the light. She is not using infrared, and she has porch lights on. LOL


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