• Jennifer Battershill

Ghosted, now on TikTok!

YouTube and most likely Twitter have been shadow banning me. I ran some hashtag tests and sure enough, nothing comes up. I am ghosted and won’t hold my breath waiting for YouTube to reply to my help ticket. Nor am I even the least bit surprised. I know how the game is played, but either way; they have no control of what’s beyond the veil that has crossed over. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if we’re looking at millions of souls who have been done wrong awaiting justice here or over there (judgment day, etc). The way humans treat others on this planet is rather sad, but on the other side, there is none of that. Souls aren’t arguing, fighting, hitting one another. They’re in a peaceful, loving state, gracing us with their ethereal presence.

Angels and hope do not fall in line with the agenda of fear and aliens, UFOs. I’ve said it many times before, certain people get pushed by those “hiding behind the curtain”. Like in the “Wizard of Oz”, someone is pulling the strings, using their money, power, and influence. Either way, they will lose. Everything is being noted by them. I have proof of that, using my neighbor as an example. Who had his court case magically disappear because of Covid. No justice, but once he crosses over that’s a “whole other ballgame”.

Anyway, because of being ghosted here, there, and everywhere I am on TikTok and already reached more views in just a short time! I’m so very grateful. The hard part is chopping down long videos down to a minute and finding the time to do so. Bit by bit I am getting there and have put off writing for now. Or at least until I feel I’m at a good place before I rejoin where I last left my main character who is dreaming of being off-world.