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Frozen in Carbonite (Science, Orbs, Etheric, Auras)

I was just thinking of when Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite, he's stuck, hence the title of this blog. "Humans are carbon-based lifeforms. Carbon is the most important element of life. About 18% of the human body is composed of carbon." 65% is oxygen while only 1% is phosphorus (see my prior post on phosphorus).

Carbonite was just something that stuck with me so I started researching carbon and bioluminescence. Fish and algae convert carbon into oxygen and carbohydrates via bioluminescence/photosynthesis. It's called the marine carbon pump. Bioluminescence can be found in nearly all kingdoms of life with a variety of luciferases and luciferins (light). Carbon decreases photosynthesis. Carbon Dioxide drives ocean acidification. "As pH drops, the bioluminescent chemicals in some species, such as the sea pansy, increase light production twofold, the data showed."

As much as some people are screaming about carbon, fossil fuels, and climate change, on the flip-side this boost may be a scientific reason why we can see bright orbs in our skies. Biblical and various prophecies...well that's an easy "shoe-in" because of the world we live in that seems to worsen every day. Note, that extra carbon does not harm ethereal beings, nothing does because we are out of our human shell.

"The Greek-derived word 'ether' is defined as a hypothetical medium, supposed to fill space, by means of vibrations in which light and other forms of radiation are transmitted. Scientists such as John Worrel Keely, Nikola Tesla, Victor Schauberger, and Wilhelm Reich, have shown that etheric energy, although invisible to most, is very real. Etheric energy moves in a vortex fashion because the vortex provides the least resistance to the flowing motion. It follows that physical matter, which is materialized etheric energy, seeks the same low-resistance motion, and water and air have this intrinsic vortex motion. Our blood and the sap of plants move in this way too. After all, our veins, arteries, and minute blood vessels are not straight channels. They are winding their way through our bodies just like a river winds its way through the countryside.

Vortex, portals, swirlons, ethereal, frequencies, auras, it's all so amazing. I said from the beginning of when this phenomenon began here (where I live) that a lot is tied to portals. Orbs can pop in and out of our world easily. And there's this one photo that still has stuck with me to this day.

June 2018

Example of Aura Colors

Ghost Orb Colors - White is what I see tons.

So getting back to Han Solo, we are stuck, we are grounded in our human bodies. And I still believe after we pass on, we are this tiny spark of light that goes elsewhere. We become lighter than air but how that's a mystery. Ethereal definition: Extremely light or delicate.

Or is this a case of a Meissner Effect? "Superconductive material levitating over a magnet."

In this video, they use liquid nitrogen as a superconductor.

Thermal Camera - Noting how it's blue but not the same blue as the anomalies I see.

Nitrogen is 79% of our atmosphere. When we die do we become cooler in a magnetic universe?

"Ligther than Air" to be able to float.

Questions, so many questions. And just for the record, since I've been asked this, can I catch an orb or a fairy? No. They vanish.

As for ridicule, and disbelief, it's understandable. All I've been trying to do since day one is put the pieces together with my camera in my hand or record at night via security cameras. Oh! Speaking of which, I like to give a shout-out to Roy, US Army Retired, Command Sergeant Major for sending me emails, photos, and videos. Roy has captured both good and bad because the bad is here as well, that's apparent. And to Paul from Arkansas on Rumble who has a channel there. Thanks to him, I restored my Rumble channel. I'll keep at it, not quit, not give up despite the walking uphill feeling. And to all of you out there that see the same, or even stranger, creepier, and feel alone -- you are not. We have each other.


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