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Change...It's Inevitable.

My channel, stat-wise, I am laughing at how it doesn’t match up from the back end. Fine, whatever, no surprise. But the real kicker here is that we live in an instant world, hence why TikTok has taken off. Change is inevitable. And being metaphysical certainly hasn't helped win any popularity contests, but this is who I am. I do not promise instant fixes to dilemmas. I don't have a magic wand or any "Pleiadian" contacts. I don't mention ascension. I also try my best to be neutral regarding various religions and beliefs. I once got a response from a gentleman for my lack of mentioning Jesus. So I do not win any points there. In short, I am the proverbial "monkey in the middle". I try to look at different perspectives while piecing together what I see because it's all-new territory! And yes, I have used Christian rock in my videos but only because of the uplifting vibes, musical notes. I've also used Celtic music as well, which reminds me to buy Fllip Lackovic another coffee.

Instant gratification applies to word counts in books too, which kills me! No one wants to read long books anymore. But the thing is, some stories are better told this way. If I were to tell you about a flower, I could easily say a flower sticking out of the ground. But if I said the flower was bright pink with yellow in the center, making it seem as if a star landed dead center, doesn’t that sound better?

Anyway, change is inevitable, word counts or one-minute-long videos. And here I am faced with a decision to quit YouTube especially when someone leaves me an insulting comment. They miss the bit where I am clairvoyant and have over 35 years plus experience. But please go right ahead and believe all the other mumbo jumbo.

One thing for certain is that I cannot be someone I am not just for numbers, stats, popularity. And you know what, the spirits around me are pretty cool about it and have been my whole life. They don't mind me reading Runes or Tarot cards or lighting sage and smudging my house. I’m a magnet to them, always have. I “shine”. (Stephen King, The Shining/Doctor Sleep). And for those of you out there who also shine, it’s a pretty crazy wild ride, that’s for sure! And there is no way to recant your tales by cutting down word counts or tell it under a minute. So shine on any which you love to do so. Because numbers, likes, or whatever does not define who you truly are.

And just for the record, it’s ok not to believe, and it’s okay to believe. It’s free will. All I ever wanted when I first got on YouTube, was to bring a smile to someone's face. To tell them that when they feel utterly alone, they are not. To "shine" and bring light to their corner of the world and I'm so very grateful for the chance.

With love from me to you.


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